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Few reasons to post ads on BackPage

Many many times my clients ask me, "Is it profitable to post ads on backpage?" I simply answer, "Profit can't be guaranteed as it depends on a lot of factors but I storongly suggest to post ads on Backpage".
Let me explain why I prefer backpage free classifieds. Following is a comparison of craigslist vs backpage:
  1. Except craigslist, BackPage is the only online classified site which allows a lot of HTML elements into body of the ads. This gives you freedom to design the ads as per your need. Craigslist recently limited used of most of the advance MTML elements. So backpage is now unbeaten in this regard.
  2. Backpage allows reposting when the ads expire but craigslist doesn't.
  3. Backpage receives good amount of traffic making ad posting viable. Alexa ranking of backpage is going up day by day.
  4. Unlike CL, flagging and ghosting shouldn't be a problem on backpage unless you really spam a lot.
  5. It is possible to post the ads with hyperlink. On craiglist it's parctically impossible.
  6. No phone verified account is required. Phone verification is a breach of your privacy. This is a big problem of posting ads on craigslist.
  7. Most importantly, nationwide sponsor ad feature makes backpage really useful. If you are trying to promote a home businessess (obviously legitimate) opportunity then nationwide sponsor ad is the best option for you.
  8. You can post keyword rich ads to get SEO benefit. Pages of backpage get very good position on search engines results page.
  9. Finally, if you are succesful in posting ads on craigslsit, you should still consider backpage to increase your revenue further.

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